General FAQ

  • How did Susan learn this?
  • I won Sonya Fitzpatrick's book "What the Animals Tell Me" at a Christmas party raffle. As I was reading it I thought I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!! And I thought Sonya Fitzpatrick had some special gift. Toward the end she said "Anyone can do this." So I read many books on inter-species communication, and began to get a sense of HOW this 'happens'. And with my kitty Enkido Levity's help, it happened.

  • How do I know if it is the animal’s voice?
  • This can be very tricky. If you doubt what you hear, you lose it. If there is a long story with explinations and judgements and logic or riddles, it's probably not the animal. If it comes lightening fast and without thinking, or if it is something you would not have thought of or did not know, it's the animal.

  • What about animals that have passed?
  • When a loved one dies, everything we knew and felt and loved about them does not die or vanish. Neither do they. A woman asked me to talk with her cat who had passed a year earlier; he said he did not like the little dog. The woman told me they got that dog months after the cat was gone.

  • How do animals ’send’ information?
  • To put labels on this, there are 6 basic ways that information is transmitted. These are not scripted or all-defining because every animal and person perceives and communicates in their own way. Sending and receiving can include any (or all) of these examples, from the very subtle to the obvious.

    • Clairvoyance- (clear-seeing). Sending or exchanging pictures or images, can also be like a video clip, showing a sequences of events from one mind to the other.
    • Clairsentience- (clear feeling) The sending and/or exchange of emotions or emotional experiences.
    • Clairaudience- (clear hearing). Hearing words, phrases, sounds, sent from one being to another. Language is not an issue. For example if a horse raised by those who speak Spanish  sends "I 'm afraid" to a perceptive English-speaking handler, that message is understood, because language is just a template for the message and the meanings are instantly translated.
    • Body scan- Using one's own body as a recording device, by carefully tracing the entire body, a sensation can be reproduced in the receiver's body, relative to where the sender feels it. If a dog has a hurt in her left front paw, the receiver's left wrist or hand would for a few seconds repeat the sensation.
    • Mediumship- Sending and receiving with animals who have crossed over. This is not unusual or different from other forms of communication, it's just that common mis-information doubts these exchanges.
    • Reading photographs- is in some ways the easiest, because the telepathic exchange is not distracted by smells, body language, territorial issues, or direct eye contact.